Indigo Insights

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
But erratically

Had a nice reunion this week when I reconnected with an old blogging friend. We had been out of touch for the last few months and our exchange went like this: (edited for blog version for your protection!)

ME: I noticed your comment right below mine at XXX's blog and had to email a big "10-4" on your suggestion. I've not dropped over to your blog as much lately - but I've been getting thru 4 months of hell - if you've peeped in on mine, you have an inkling. Things have really been bad at the House of Blue Indigo!!! (And of course, you're too young to remember the Andrews Sisters' recording of The House of Blue Lights - naw, you probably have it on your screen right now!!!)

Seriously, I am not proud of how much I haven't "been there" for some old blogger friends, such as you, but I've been totally enmeshed in my own selfish survival. A sentence here, or a phrase there, has indicated to me that there have been some difficult times for you to overcome as well. It's not the same "after the fact" to tell someone you have been thinking of them and had them in your prayers, but I swear it's true. And if you don't believe me, ask God. She'll tell you the same!

Anyhow, since your email addy was right there (I lost my address book twice this summer!) I thought I'd drop you a hug. Hang in there Sweet Thang. You're still a favorite -- when I can get there!!!!

Cyber Love

SHE: Thank you! I haven't been paying much attention to my friends lately either. What's going on with you???

Hugs coming your way,
Sweet Thang

ME: Can't believe you got right back to me. I assumed it may be days before you even saw the email from me -- and then you may be working too tight a schedule to reply quickly. Anyhow -- how can we fill each other in?

First of all, the hellishness of this year for me has been health, house, and computers! Some of your blogs that I've seen didn't sound like you were devouring a bowl of cherries either. We're just going to have to try to stay in touch better.

East Coast Hugs coming your way -- Watch out! They're wet with hurricane rain!

SHE: You still haven't said what's going on with you.

ME: But specifics are so boring!!! The cardiac mess is ongoing and the allergies are still screwy, but are much better since I got the Sharper Image thingy. I'd say at least a 90% improvement since the Ionic Breeze went into my bedroom. No more morning sneezing! (Yeah, yeah. I know. Sleeping with cats, blah, blah, blah. But I've solved the prob now!) The house repairs are neverending. And the back prob is still a prob.

SHE: Now, tell me what's really up with you.

ME: Well, to quote Dax, JUST DAMN!!! You insist on more gorey details? If you are online very much you know my life -- because that's mostly it. Hardly ever leave my house since I don't drive anymore -- can't use the right leg well, so figured I'd better not depend on it! I have a "family" of dogs and cats -- all inside -- and lots of friends who call or stop by -- in between hurricanes!!!! My biological family lives 75 miles inland and we don't see each other very often. Son and daughter, grandkids, and even 3 great-grands, with one in the oven!!! Now, the plus side of living 75 miles away from all that chaos should be evident!!! So I live at the beach, minding my own business, not theirs, and they live inland and cocoon themselves with their offsprings!!! Everybody's happy. What either of us don't know, don't hurt!!! LOL

In addition to the cardiac crap, the nerusurgeon wants to do more surgery. NOT!!! The spring clean-up, fix-up is still a work in progress. We can't get finished with one project before the next hurricane is upon us. A couple of weeks ago the barn got roof shingles replaced and in several days the Hurricane of the Week blew them off again. What started out as a simple floor repair in the kitchen turned out to be rotten wood (hidden damage) from other hurricanes back to 1994 and the whole floor had to be torn up and replaced from the beams up.

And the computers!! The back was getting worse and worse, and sitting at the computer as many hours a day as I do was getting to be more and more painful, plus causing edema problems in the feet and legs. So in April I got a laptop to use in the bedroom. Bright idea, huh? Turned out the Forrest Gump University grad who installed everything had never done a router and multiple pc network before. I was his first!!! Nothing worked. April, May, June, July and part of August almost drove me to another galaxy with computer FUs. Interspersed with the house repairs, I thought every day would be the day I opened up a vein! It has been a nightmare. [sarcasm on](BP Rx and Xanax has been a big expense. Thanks be to God for Bush's help with the Medicare prescription drugs. Except not for me, since I already have some Rx insurance that I pay for myself. Nevermind. Now my Medicare payment will go up so I can enjoy the fulfillment of helping others who don't have their own insurance!)[sarcasm off] The problems are still not worked out with the computers, but after several house calls, things are operational -- just not a smooth operation.

See? I told you it was boring. A glimpse into the B.S. of another life usually is. The mundane IS BORING. Now, truthfully, did you need all that? THAT'S PRETTY MUCH MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT. Don't say you weren't warned. And make a note never to press the chronologically-challenged for their complaints. They just might give them to you! LOL