Indigo Insights

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hands down, the very best article I've ever read on cats is HERE.
Although I bred registered Persians for several years, and read and read and subscribed and subscribed, I've never found so much information in one place before.

Still catching up on my blog reading, while browsing at Mostly Cajun's place, I came across Unscrewing The Inscrutable link. Cajun's post of June 10, House Tigers, is also a very nice "cat read" for the feline-inclined.

Who knew GOC Denny had a liberal friend??!! And in addition to her regular blog, Happy Never After, she has provided her cats with a blog of their own so they can expess their opinions also. See Catsville by Ricky and LT for some caterwauling hooting!

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