Indigo Insights

Friday, January 27, 2006

>^..^< Mid-Winter Blahs? Or what? Long gaps in posting here at Indigo Insights, also A Sailor in the Desert, plus Obnoxious Droppings. It appears the only active limb on our family tree is Greene Thoughts. That boy never gives out of adrenalin!!

>^..^< INCOMING from Ian, Salem OR: Tribute to Veterans

>^..^< Good News page

>^..^< Charming Guy likes Southern old time religion stories and Billy Joe Bob of Compleat Redneck aims to please. See January 23 and 25, back to back.

>^..^< Wondering if I'm the only one with sympathetic labor pains for Margi. Good job, Marg, on the reporting and the finished product! Congrats.

>^..^< La Shawn Barber opines on the Oprah flap; so does Mr. Helpful - just not as kindly as sweet La Shawn.

>^..^< UPDATE: Obnoxious Droppings came through with a post! Yeah!!!!!!!!