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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Chanukah


After the Charming Guy posted this portrait of Peaches and me, it reminded me that I had not introduced my artist friend, Carolyn Kaler, on my blog since she set up her webpage. As she kept building and adding to her webpage, The Magical Brush, I noticed one day that she had included the portrait in her gallery as well. (page 3 in Paintings)

I hope you will visit The Magical Brush and see the beautiful work my special friend has done with her talent. Leave her a comment or an email too, if you can. She is a dear, sincere person and will gladly receive your suggestions and/or answer your inquiries. (Do not hold it against her that she is a transplanted Yankee from New Jersey. After hanging out with me for 25 years, she's fairly Southernized. She even eats and likes collards now!!)

Another talented friend of mine is in her last year at UNC and hopes to be a photo journalist. When President Bush recently visited Kernersville, NC, she was the assigned official photographer. This made all of us very proud, needless to say. Go take a look at Scarlett Miller's portfolio here.

Two reminders: Check Capt B's blog every day so you won't miss an update, and continue to pray for our military. In fact, when you visit Capt B's blog you will remind yourself to pray for our military. Semper Fi, Capt B.